What is InsideTrack Coaching?

With InsideTrack Coaching, you will receive one-on-one attention this school year to make sure you’re performing at your best and getting the most out of your experience at Notre Dame De Namur University.

What is InsideTrack Coaching?

Starting with a phone call before school begins and continuing throughout the year, you receive one-on-one attention from a Coach who is committed to your personal development and success. Your Coach works with you to achieve the fullest college experience possible – improving effectiveness in and out of the classroom, building leadership skills, creating balance and managing stress, boosting self-confidence and developing goals for the future. In regularly scheduled sessions, your Coach will help you figure out what you want to do, and then work with you to determine exactly how to get it done.

Together, you and your Coach will ensure that you:

  • Have a great college experience
  • Plan your college and career path
  • Accomplish what matters most
  • Are healthy and happy

Who is my InsideTrack Coach?

Our Coaches are your allies on your path through college. They are selected based on an intensive screening and assessment process and receive extensive professional training through several professional certification levels. Our Coaches are passionate about education and helping others succeed, have demonstrated the ability to motivate others, and have completed their Bachelor’s degree or higher.

What is InsideTrack Coaching like?

In your first meetings with your Coach, you’ll talk about who you are, where you are and where you want to go. Together you’ll clarify your aspirations and make a plan for how to get there. After that, you’ll meet with your Coach regularly to talk about how your college experience is evolving, review your progress toward the goals you’ve set for yourself, and work together to address any challenges.

Trying to figure out how to get leadership experience on campus? Strategize with your Coach, who can help you match your interests with experiences that will help you thrive. Working to balance all the priorities vying for your time? Work with your Coach to identify simple ways to better organize and focus your time. Struggling with an important decision? Your Coach can help you brainstorm, make sure you are looking at all angles, and give you decision-making tools to help you make the right choice.

You will have regular scheduled meeting times with your Coach and can reach out as needed between meetings for advice or suggestions by phone, email, Facebook or IM.

What types of students can benefit from InsideTrack Coaching?

Coaching can benefit all types of students. Think about the people who are most successful at what they do: top athletes, successful business leaders, leading performers…to get to the top of their fields, they work with coaches. So does the CEO of Google (see what he has to say about coaching). These individuals are incredibly talented, successful and driven, and yet they have used coaching to become the best at what they do.

Now look back at some experiences in your own life. Were there times that you could have accomplished more, or when you would have liked for things to have been easier? Even if you are on top of your game, having an expert who is focused on you will help you take everything you do to the next level of success.

Why should I take advantage of InsideTrack Coaching?

Imagine yourself at your college graduation, looking back at your college days. What would you have wanted your experience to be like? College happens once in a lifetime. You’re investing a lot in it, and you want to get the most out of it. A Coach can help you do that.

Studies show that college students who work with InsideTrack Coaches tend to enjoy college more, earn higher grades and complete more classes. As a result, Coached students are more likely to graduate on time and are better positioned to advance their career opportunities or continue to graduate school.

Just like working out, you get more out of coaching when you put more into it. And you’ll be amazed how the rest of your college experience will be more enjoyable as a direct result of working with your Coach.

Meet the Coaches

InsideTrack Coaches are people who will connect with you on a personal level. They are carefully chosen, get lots of training, and are super approachable.

Glen became an InsideTrack Coach in 2007 after working more than twenty years in the computer software and video game industry, where he was Director of Manufacturing and Purchasing...

Shannon became an InsideTrack Coach in 2006 and brings to her coaching a wide variety of college experiences. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Pacific University and spent some time taking Teaching English as a Second Language courses while working for various corporations and businesses...

Elizabeth comes to InsideTrack and NDNU with several years of experience working with students at the high school and college levels. Most recently, she spent two years in Japan teaching English...